Ольга (kazan_love) wrote,

Друзья, помогите перевести. Англицким владею плохо.

I have to tell you

You have some really awesome videos up on YouTube, I just finished watching one and it was incredible.

I just can't wrap my head around why more people aren't watching your videos.
It's so confusing, I really think you have some of the best videos on the site.

I really thought that your videos were great compared to so many of the unoriginal ones on the site.

It's so frustrating seeing unoriginal copycats getting top views when there are so many new and fresh videos like yours out there.

Anyway, I've used enough of your time, but I just wanted to let you know about how I overcame my small view count with the help of

tubetrafficmembership . com

Basically, they help you gain a ton of visibility in the YouTube community by sending a ton of viewers to your vides and helping you get ranked in the search engine and the most viewed video lists.

Right now they have a special trial offer you can take advantage of at no cost to you. Give them a try and let them help get your videos ranked like they did mine.

As I said your movies are quite enjoyable, so no matter what you decide please keep making them, I know I can't wait to watch the next one. Thanks a bunch!

Tags: друзья, жж, перевод с английского

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